The movie cult is back in session for 2024- kicking off with Quentin Tarantino’s RESERVOIR DOGS on FEBRUARY 29th. Continuing to pair our Cult Classics with local bands who command their own cult followings, The TeleDynes will play a set of Reservoir Dog-like rockabilly before the film. Band @ 6:30, Movie @ 7:30. Tarantino’s first film is in many ways the quintessential cult-classic: Conceived while Quentin worked at an LA video store, the script was passed from customer-producer Lawrence Bender to his acting teacher, to the teacher’s wife, to actor Harvey Keitel who helped secure funding and independently produce the film. Despite an electric response at the Cannes Film festival, the wide-release was modest at best and adoration for the film low-key percolated for two years until its home video release only after the success of Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs is now revered as a revolution of a heist-thriller influencing an entire generation of movie makers. Its violence only upstaged by young Tarantino’s craft, Reservoir Dogs hits you in the cinema like caffeine on a groggy morning.